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Renos to create multi-purpose spaces for homeowners

Each year brings with it new reno trends your clients will be asking you to build. After last year, when people stayed at home more than ever before (and still are), home renos continue their strong growth with no end in sight.

Here are the reno trends that are new or still popular for 2021:

Developing basements – Homeowners are looking to expand their space because they are spending more time at home. One easy way to expand space indoors is to develop a basement into a recreation room, office space, play area or a cozy hideaway.

The foundation of building a warm and dry basement starts with the walls. According to the Government of Canada, “basements can account for about 20 percent of a home's total heat loss. This is due to the large, uninsulated surface area both above and below grade level. Contrary to popular opinion, earth is a poor insulator. There is also a lot of air leakage through basement windows and penetrations (including cracks in these areas) and at the top of the foundation wall (sill area). Many basements have little or no insulation, so this means there is much potential for improvement. Avoid leaving the concrete bare, since unfinished walls often make for a cold, wet, and unpolished space.”

Consider foam board insulation and proper sealants for any leaks around basement walls and windows. You can find more tips on how to ensure your basement reno includes energy efficiency for your clients here.

Creating a Home Office – This is still one of the most popular renos as many people are working from home. That trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic as employers see the value of working remotely and providing their employees with more work/life balance.

For those homeowners with limited square footage, sliding doors to section off open spaces is becoming more popular. For example, a sliding barn door looks great and saves square footage compared to the traditional door that could take up as much as 7-9 feet of clearance space.

A glass office door is another great option, especially if the home office is more of a built-in attachment to another room. You might want a door that offers some light to overlap between rooms. It also helps soundproof the space while feeling open and letting natural light through.


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